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##Building Scylla

In addition to required packages by Seastar, the following packages are required by Scylla.


Scylla uses submodules, so make sure you pull the submodules first by doing:

git submodule init
git submodule update --recursive

Building and Running Scylla on Fedora

  • Installing required packages:
sudo yum install yaml-cpp-devel lz4-devel zlib-devel snappy-devel jsoncpp-devel thrift-devel antlr3-tool antlr3-C++-devel libasan libubsan gcc-c++ gnutls-devel ninja-build ragel libaio-devel cryptopp-devel xfsprogs-devel numactl-devel hwloc-devel libpciaccess-devel libxml2-devel python3-pyparsing lksctp-tools-devel
  • Build Scylla
    ./ --mode=release --with=scylla --disable-xen
    ninja-build build/release/scylla -j2 # you can use more cpus if you have tons of RAM

* Run Scylla


* run Scylla with one CPU and ./tmp as data directory

./build/release/scylla --datadir tmp --commitlog-directory tmp --smp 1

* For more run options:

./build/release/scylla --help

## Building Fedora RPM

As a pre-requisite, you need to install [Mock]( on your machine:

Install mock:

sudo yum install mock

Add user to the "mock" group:

usermod -a -G mock $USER && newgrp mock

Then, to build an RPM, run:


The built RPM is stored in ``/var/lib/mock/<configuration>/result`` directory.
For example, on Fedora 21 mock reports the following:

INFO: Done(scylla-server-0.00-1.fc21.src.rpm) Config(default) 20 minutes 7 seconds
INFO: Results and/or logs in: /var/lib/mock/fedora-21-x86_64/result

## Building Fedora-based Docker image

Build a Docker image with:

cd dist/docker
docker build -t <image-name> .

Run the image with:

docker run -p $(hostname -i):9042:9042 -i -t <image name>

Contributing to Scylla

Do not send pull requests.

Send patches to the mailing list address
Be sure to subscribe.

In order for your patches to be merged, you must sign the Contributor's
License Agreement, protecting your rights and ours. See

Docker Pull Command
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