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OrientDB 2.0
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A dockerfile for creating an OrientDB image with :

  • explicit OrientDB version (2.0) for image cache stability
  • init by supervisord
  • config, databases and backup folders expected to be mounted as volumes

To run the image, run:

docker run --name orientdb -d -v <config_path>:/opt/orientdb/config -v <databases_path>:/opt/orientdb/databases -v <backup_path>:/opt/orientdb/backup -p 2424 -p 2480 bepitulaz/orientdb-2.0

The docker image contains an un-configured OrientDB installation and for running it you need to provide your own config folder from which OrientDB will read its startup settings.

The same applies for the databases folder which if local to the running container would go away as soon as it died/you killed it.

The backup folder only needs to be mapped if you activate that setting on your OrientDB configuration file.

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