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Behat image based on Alpine Linux with PHP7.
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Environment for running Behat tests.

This image is based on Alpine Linux with PHP7 and could be used to test Docker and non-Docker websites.

This image includes (composer update is possible):



Mink extension

Mink goutte driver

Mink selenium2 driver

Drupal extension


PHP Unit



Behat cucumber json formatter

Also, it uses official selenium/standalone-chrome image.


  • Clone a repository.
    git clone
  • Put your custom contexts into "features/bootstrap/" folder if needed.

  • Configure behat.yml for your custom contexts.

  • Put your tests into "features/" folder.

  • Configure volumes in docker-compose.behat.yml.

Non-docker websites

  • Set base URL in behat.yml for testing site.


base_url: ''
  • Run script to run tests.
  • To stop and remove containers use
    docker-compose -f docker-compose.behat.yml down 

Docker websites

  • Configure base URL in behat.yml for testing site in following way.
base_url: '{https/http}://{web server service name}:{internal port}'


base_url: 'http://nginx:80'
  • Additionally for Drupal 8 add the following line into your settings.php.


$settings['trusted_host_patterns'][] = '^nginx$';

It is needed to grant access to you site for GouteDriver/Selenium server through Nginx container.

Change Nginx to your web server service name if needed.

  • In order to up testing environment

    docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.behat.yml up -d

    For additional information read about extending services and Compose files.

  • In order to run tests, after environment up commands and all site building command on other containers run the following command .

    docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.behat.yml exec behat /srv/ "{behat options}"

    Notice that you must add at least one option to run tests.

Composer update

In order to update composer before running tests do the following

  • Set COMPOSER_UPDATE variable to 1
  • Mount composer.json on your host machine as /srv/composer.json.
- {some path}/composer.json:/srv/composer.json

Using API methods of the Drupal extension for Behat.

  • Mount folder with drupal on your host machine as /drupal.


- {some path}/drupal8:/drupal
  • If you don't want to use API methods of the Drupal extension for Behat you must comment or delete following lines in behat.yml
    api_driver: drupal
    root: /drupal
    drupal_root: /drupal


  • Reports and text files with information about screenshots are saved in artifacts/ folder.

  • Screenshots will be uploaded to

For more information read, docker-compose.behat.yml and Nearly each code and config line has comments.

Additional thanks to Serge Skripchuk for his help.

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