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Multicast test for Portico RTI
Full Description

This container image can be used to test multicast connectivity for the Portico RTI ( When the container starts, one federate is created, that connect to and joins a federation. For every federate (including itself) discovered/removed it prints out a message.


docker run <docker options> bergtwvd/po-mctest <container options>

docker options:

  • -e FEDERATIONNAME=<name> : optional (default: TheWorld)
  • -e MINSLEEP=<integer> : min sleep time before starting federate (optional: default 0)
  • -e MAXSLEEP=<integer> : max sleep time before starting federate (optional, default $MINSLEEP)
  • -e PORTICO_LRCADAPTER=<network interface name>: network interface to use (optional, default whatever JGroups selects)

container options:

  • -h: help
  • -F <federation name> : optional (default: $FEDERATIONNAME)
  • -f <federate name> : optional (default: some random value)
  • -c <connect attempts> : optional: (default: 10)
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