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sample shadowsocks server in golang
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default ss.config is:


where SS_PASSWORD is either passed in via docker run environment variable, or automatically generated by uuidgen.

So to run it, simply:

docker run -d -p <your-exposed-server-port>:8888 -e "SS_PASSWORD=<your-ss-password>" bergwolf/shadowsocks-go

choose <your-exposed-server-port> as your expected shadowsocks server port and <your-ss-password> as the password you want to configure.

or, you can do

docker run -d -p <your-exposed-server-port>:8888 --name=my-ss bergwolf/shadowsocks-go

followed by

docker exec my-ss cat ss.config|grep password

to find out the auto-generated password.

Credit: shadowsocks-go is fetched from

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