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FROM centos:centos6 # Enable EPEL for Node.js RUN rpm -Uvh # Install Node.js and npm RUN yum install -y npm git # clone dynamo archiver project RUN mkdir -p /opt/app && cd /opt/app && git clone ADD /tmp/package.json RUN cd /tmp && npm install RUN cp -a /tmp/node_modules /opt/app/dynamo-archive VOLUME /dynamodata #install pip RUN cd /tmp && curl -L -O && python #use pip to install aws-cli ( RUN pip install awscli #install crontab RUN yum install -y cronie RUN service crond start RUN echo '* * * * * root /opt/app/dynamo-archive/' >> /etc/crontab ONBUILD ADD scripts/ /opt/app/dynamo-archive/ ONBUILD RUN chmod +x /opt/app/dynamo-archive/ ONBUILD ADD misc /opt/app/misc ADD scripts/ /opt/app/dynamo-archive/ RUN chmod +x /opt/app/dynamo-archive/ WORKDIR /opt/app/dynamo-archive ADD . /opt/app/dynamo-archive CMD ["./"]
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