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Alpine 3.5
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alpine version 3.5
bestner/alpine:3.5 , bestner/alpine
RUN : docker run -it -p 80:8080 bestner/alpine:3.5 /bin/sh
EXEC : docker exec -it < container name >

The apk tool has the following applets:

add = Add new packages to the running system
del = Delete packages from the running system
fix = Attempt to repair or upgrade an installed package
update = Update the index of available packages
info = Prints information about installed or available packages
search = Search for packages or descriptions with wildcard patterns
upgrade = Upgrade the currently installed packages
cache = Maintenance operations for locally cached package repository
version = Compare version differences between installed and available packages
index = create a repository index from a list of packages
fetch = download (but not install) packages
audit = List changes to the file system from pristine package install state
verify = Verify a package signature

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