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Contains everything required to build the Betaflight flight controller firmware.
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Docker Betaflight build

Clone and edit Betaflight locally on your platform. This image will take it from there and turn your code into a binary which you then can flash to your flight controller with the Betaflight Configurator.


Install Docker

The latest docker platform is available from If your system does not meet the system requirements for the latest version, check out the Docker Toolbox.

Clone the Betaflight repository

Docker runs on a VirtualBox VM which by default only shares the user directory from the underlying guest OS. On Windows that is c:/Users/<user> and on Mac it's /Users/<user>. Hence, you need to clone the Betaflight repository to your user directory. If you want to place it outside the user directory you need to adjust the VirtualBox VM sharing settings accordingly.

git clone

Run this image with Docker

Start Docker and change into the Betaflight source directory (in the Docker console). Then run:

docker run --rm -ti -v `pwd`:/opt/betaflight betaflight/betaflight-build

Depending on the performance of your system it takes 1-3min until the compilation finishes. The first time you run this it takes longer because Docker needs to download the image and create a container.

Note for Windows users

(Docker on) Windows handles paths slightly differently. You need to specify the full path to the Betaflight directory in the command and you need to add an extra forward slash (/) to the Windows path. The command thus becomes (c equals C drive i.e. c:):

docker run --rm -it -v //c/Users/<user>/<betaflight>:/opt/betaflight betaflight/betaflight-build

If the Windows path contains spaces it would have to be wrapped in quotes as usual on Windows.

docker run --rm -it -v "//c/Users/joe blogs/<betaflight>":/opt/betaflight betaflight/betaflight-build


The firmware file (.bin or .hex) is created in the obj subfolder of your betaflight source directory.


You can pass optional parameters to the Docker build like so:

docker run -e "<parameter>=value" --rm -ti -v `pwd`:/opt/betaflight betaflight/betaflight-build

These parameters are supported:

  • PLATFORM=<target name> The platform to build for. Use ALL to build for all platforms. (default: NAZE)
  • OPTIONS=<options> specify build options to be used as defines during the build

Flashing the built binary

Use the Betaflight Configurator Chrome app to flash and configure your firmware.


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