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GBDX task to evaluate several mandatory specifications for the 2m LULC products.
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This GBDX task is designed to evaluate whether the LULC meets a series of mandatory checks and output a report file with the quality results. Quality checks include the following: (1) the LULC is present, (2) the LULC has been post-classified, (3) the LULC is correctly named and spatially located, (4) the LULC contains data, (5) the LULC does not contain NA values (“unclassified values”) within the AOI(s), (6) the LULC uses the correct classification scheme, and (7) the LULC classification scheme has been fixed.

The output will be a text file named in the following format: VNIR-ID Boolean Boolean Boolean
Boolean Boolean Integer String. The Boolean values describe whether the LULC passes each of the above quality checks. The integer (0-4) refers to the classification scheme in the LULC (0 = unknown scheme, 1 = original scheme that needs to be fixed, 2 = correct scheme, 3 = previously fixed scheme, and 4 = incorrect scheme). The string will contain values of “NA”, “True”, or “False” as to whether the classification scheme was corrected in the output LULC zipfile. A classification scheme of "0", "2", "3", or "4" will never be fixed and will always result in a string of “NA”. A classification scheme of “1” will either be fixed (“True”) or not fixed (“False”). A classification scheme of 3 will never have post-classified =True. The contents of the text file will provide a textual report summarizing this information.

If the LULC fails one of the mandatory checks, the LULC file will not be moved to the output directory. If the LULC uses one of the known incorrect classification schemes, the task will fix it and output a corrected version. If the LULC uses an unknown classification scheme, the LULC will not get fixed and will fail the check. If the LULC has unclassified values within the AOI, the task will output a polygon shapefile containing where they occur (value=1). In rare cases, and LULC will fail this check when the “NA” values erode into the AOI.

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