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Monitor env on Ubuntu 14.04

This docker image will give you an Ubuntu 14.04 image with Nagios4, Munin
(and apache2) installed.

Quick Start

docker pull bezrukovp/main-monitor
docker run -i -t -p 9443:443 bezrukovp/main-monitor

Then, visit http://dockerip:9443 (and accept the self-signed cert)

Customize with a Dockerfile

FROM bezrukovp/main-monitor
MAINTAINER Pavel Bezrukov <>

ENV NAGIOS_MAIL_SERVER              gmailrelay
ENV NAGIOSADMIN_USER                ls3 
ENV NAGIOSADMIN_PASS                nagios1!

USER root

# Nagios config
RUN echo > ${NAGIOS_HOME}/etc/objects/localhost.cfg
RUN mkdir ${NAGIOS_HOME}/etc/docker
COPY nagios_cfgs/* ${NAGIOS_HOME}/etc/docker/
RUN echo "cfg_dir=/opt/nagios/etc/docker" >> /opt/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg
RUN sed -i "s|\(^        email                           \).*|\1$NAGIOS_ADMIN_EMAIL|" ${NAGIOS_HOME}/etc/objects/contacts.cfg
RUN sed -i 's|/bin/mail|/usr/bin/mail|' /opt/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg
RUN htpasswd -c -b -s ${NAGIOS_HOME}/etc/htpasswd.users ${NAGIOSADMIN_USER} ${NAGIOSADMIN_PASS}

# Replace the vhost config with your own
ADD vhost.conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/nagios.conf

# Postfix config...relay
RUN sed -i "s/myhostname =.*/myhostname = `hostname`/" /etc/postfix/ &&\
    sed -i "s/relayhost =.*/relayhost = ${NAGIOS_MAIL_SERVER}/" /etc/postfix/

RUN /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Example Nagios cfg File

In reality, you would probably want your template, service, host, etc configs
all split out into their own files or nested in an organized directory

I included a super simple example (without custom commands)... read up on
Nagios4 documentation for full details on how to creating fancy config files.

# Host Template
define host {
    name                            linux-box
    use                             generic-host
    check_period                    24x7
    check_interval                  5
    retry_interval                  1
    max_check_attempts              10
    notification_period             24x7
    register                        0
    contacts                        nagiosadmin

# Hosts
define host {
    use                             linux-box

define service {
    use                             generic-service
    service_description             Host Alive
    check_command                   check-host-alive
define service {
    use                             generic-service
    service_description             HTTP
    check_command                   check_http


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