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FabLab Administration Tool

A series of domain objects, methods and CRUD views to manage different aspect of a FabLab.

For rapid prototyping and customizability django-admin is used heavily.


General Features

  • Multilingual: FR, EN (possible to translate easily with po files)
  • Basic frontend service portal
    • Membership registration
    • Track machine usage
    • Display member list with trainings and functions
    • User's personal page
      • invoice list
      • machine usage list
      • NFC badge logs
      • Edit contact details
  • CRUD administration of following domain objects and functions:
    • Contact
      • ContactType (external, members,...)
      • Tracking of membership status and payment
      • Tracking of functions
      • Tracking of Training on resources
      • Tracking of expenses
      • Synchronize e-mails with MailChimp distribution lists
    • Resource (machines,..)
      • ResourceType (laser, ...)
      • ResourceUsage
    • Event
      • Registration to Events
      • Expense for event
    • Invoice/Expense
      • Entries (anything to invoice or expense)
        • Usage
        • Registration to events
        • Memberships
      • PDF invoice generation
      • Invoice mailing
    • NFC tokens, and logs

Specific FabLab-la Cote

  • ccv-webshop support

    • webhook endpoint to import orders from our webshop
    • and create invoices
    • and event registrations
  • postfiance CAMT xml import

    • allows to consolidate invoices with money received on our postfinance account
  • current theme is hardcoded

Not Implemented

Features which are not supported, but could one day be:

  • Stock management
  • Resource reservation
  • More accounting
  • More self-service functions

Used Environment Variables

create .env file in root

DEBUG=True # or empty for production
RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY = 'your private key'
RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY = 'your public key'
CCVSHOP_DOMAIN = 'full url to securearea url'
CCVSHOP_PRIVATE_KEY = 'your private key'
CCVSHOP_PUBLIC_KEY = 'your public key'

docker comands

 docker-compose build
 docker-compose up -d

 # during dev, is done also on startup
 docker-compose run web python migrate
 docker-compose run web python createsuperuser
 docker-compose run web python collectstatic

During Development

making translations

Inside each app module folder

django-admin makemessages

make adjustments to translations files (check dirty flags)

django-admin compilemessages
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