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Information Exchange Hub (IExHub) API is a connector for Consent2Share to perform HIE operations.
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0.6.0 (latest), 0.3.0

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For more information about this image, the source code, and its history, please see the GitHub repository.

What is IExHub?

The Information Exchange Hub (IExHub) consists of connectors, services, and transformation components intended to allow applications to interoperate with standards-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) organizations.

For more information and related downloads for Consent2Share, please visit Consent2Share.

How to use this image

Start a IExHub instance

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the repository's file before starting the instance.

docker run --name iexhub -d bhits/iexhub:latest

NOTE: In order for this API to fully function as a microservice in the Consent2Share application, it is required to setup the dependency microservices and the support level infrastructure. Please refer to the Consent2Share Deployment Guide for instructions to setup the Consent2Share infrastructure.


This API runs with a default configuration that is primarily targeted for the development environment. As of now, this entire file MUST be provided externally to the IExHub.

Using a custom configuration file

To use custom, mount the file to the docker container under /java/iexhub/config/

docker run -v "/path/on/dockerhost/" -d bhits/iexhub:latest

Environment Variables

When you start the IExHub image, you can edit the configuration of the IExHub instance by passing one or more environment variables on the command line.


This environment variable is used to setup a JVM argument, such as memory configuration and logger configuration.

An example to setup the logger level:

docker run --name iexhub -e CATALINA_OPTS="-Dlog4j.debug" -d bhits/iexhub:latest


The existing in classpath depends on this variable, so it MUST be provided for saving the log file somewhere on the file system. If a log4j.configuration is provided and the file that is loaded from this location has an absolute log file location specified in log4j.appender.LOG_FILE.File property, iexhub.logging.file property is omitted.


docker run -d -e CATALINA_OPTS="-Diexhub.logging.file=/java/iexhub/logs/InfoExchangeHub.log" bhits/iexhub:latest


The folder location for the external configuration files. Defaults to /java/iexhub/config.


docker run -d -e CATALINA_OPTS="-Diexhub.config.location=/path/to/iexhub/config/folder" bhits/iexhub:latest


The file name for the properties file that will be loaded from iexhub.config.location. Defaults to


docker run -d -e CATALINA_OPTS="" bhits/iexhub:latest

Supported Docker versions

This image is officially supported on Docker version 1.12.1.

Support for older versions (down to 1.6) is provided on a best-effort basis.

Please see the Docker installation documentation for details on how to upgrade your Docker daemon.


View license information for the software contained in this image.

User Feedback


Documentation for this image is stored in the bhits/iexhub GitHub repository. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the repository's file before attempting a pull request.


If you have any problems with or questions about this image, please contact us through a GitHub issue.

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