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A scalable blockchain database --
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BigchainDB Server

BigchainDB is a scalable blockchain database. The whitepaper explains what that means.

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8 months ago

If you intend on running this in Docker, the documentation says to use this command: docker run --rm -v "$HOME/bigchaindb_docker:/data" -ti \
bigchaindb/bigchaindb -y configure

which produces the following error:
usage: bigchaindb configure [-h] {rethinkdb,mongodb}
bigchaindb configure: error: the following arguments are required: backend

To fix this, you must specify the backend rethinkdb, which you can do with the following command:

docker run --rm -v "$HOME/bigchaindb_docker:/data" -ti \
bigchaindb/bigchaindb -y configure rethinkdb

As a note, while you can supply mongdb as a backend without error; I don't think it is actually supported, as I haven't been able to launch a docker instance with this.

Also, i was able to get this to run very easily on Linux, but haven't had any luck on boot2docker (which I know is somewhat outdated, but I still use it.)