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BigObject Analytics Community Edition for Raspberry pi (32bits)
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BigObject Analytics Community Edition for Raspberry pi 2/3 (32bits)

The docker image is for Raspberry pi 2 and 3.
Pull the bigobject/bigobject-rpi-arm32v6 image (ongoing) if you use Raspberry pi zero or 1.

Here is how to run
docker run -t -d --name bigobject -p 9090:9090 -p 9091:9091 -p 3306:3306 bigobject/bigobject-rpi-arm32

In your browser, locate the application console at

Connect using command line client
You can use mysql client or a python command line tool "bosh" to connect BigObject
bosh :

What is BigObject Analytics

BigObject at it's core is an advanced in-memory data structures optimized for data analytics. BigObject puts your data and algorithm that operates on the data on the same place, without the need to churn through network interface and data gathering, at little cost to data ingestion or computation.

Users of BigObject can interact with the system using SQL-like statement and advanced query statement to gain in depth understanding of your data. In addition, users can design your own analytic algorithms using embedded scripts in lua.

How to Access

  • Via web service (Preferred)
    Visit your.ipaddr.from.above:9090 to gain access

Please refer for detail

Docker Pull Command