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Lastest XWiki Standalone The Advanced Open Source Enterprise Wiki
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XWiki [v10.6] Standalone – Docker Image

The Advanced Open Source Enterprise Wiki

This image is rebuilt automatically when new versions of XWiki are released, through the use of webhooks provided by the Latestver dependency tracking tool, a BinaryBabel OSS Project.

Pulling a specific tag of this image is recommended, which will ensure you are not unexpectedly updated to a newer version of XWiki. Check the Docker Tags or Github Releases for available versions.

Recommended Audience

This image is aimed at small-scale deployments, perfect for teams or private usage. It uses the standalone edition of XWiki and an embedded HSQLDB database saved to the connected data volume. See the XWiki documentation for other deployment options.

Installation / Upgrade Notes

It's highly recommended that first-time setup, or any version upgrades,
which will trigger XWiki's setup wizard are performed by connecting
directly to the docker instance. Front-end proxies and load-balancers
can make the setup interface unusable.


By default the application will be available from http://localhost:8080

Running Directly

# docker run -p 8080:8080 -v $(pwd):/xwiki-data binarybabel/xwiki:v10.6

Using docker-compose.yml

version: '2'
    image: binarybabel/xwiki:v10.6
      - .:/xwiki-data
      - "8080:8080"

# docker-compose up


Environmental Variables

    • default: '1' (YES) - store attachments as files in data volume (instead of database)
    • default: '1024m' - amount of memory to allocate to Java


  • /xwiki-data
    • XWiki database, attachments, logs, extensions, etc.


Encryption keys for login cookies are generated automatically on container startup. User browser sessions will expire when a container is updated or otherwise recreated.

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