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A minimal base Docker image for Showoff.
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Showoff is a web based presentation engine that allows you to build a slideshow as Markdown files and some metadata. This is a minimal base image that will stand up a Showoff server for you. It does not contain any content.

To use this image directly, you can start it with the path to a presentation on a git server (v0.13.2 and above). For example:

docker run -p 9090:9090 binford2k/showoff showoff serve -u

Alternately, if you'd like to use this container to build your own self contained presentation, simply write a Dockerfile like the following.

FROM binford2k/showoff
WORKDIR /var/cache/showoff

# Uncomment and edit this to clone a repository as a presentation
#RUN git clone --depth 1 . && rm -rf .git

# -OR- uncomment and edit this to copy presentation files to your container
#ADD * /var/cache/showoff/

# Uncomment and edit these to configure runtimes for live code execution
#RUN apk add --no-cache perl python
#CMD ["showoff", "serve", "-x"]

Then build your image with:

docker build -t yourname/yourpreso -f /path/to/Dockerfile

And finally, run it with:

docker run -p 9090:9090 yourname/yourpreso

If you'd like a more complex image with PDF tooling installed, please try out wanix/showoff

Reporting problems

Please file issues on the Showoff GitHub project

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