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Minimal base image with bioboxes software installed
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biobox minimal base image


This is contains a minimal debian base image for creating bioboxes. This
bundles software which can make the verification and argument parsing steps of
running a biobox easier. The included software are:

  • - used to ensure the biobox.yaml given to the
    container is correct. This is run as the ENTRYPOINT directive in the
    Dockerfile. After checking the biobox.yaml file the script named by the
    BIOBOX_EXEC environment variable in the developer's Dockfile is called.

  • - Given a URL and a name, fetches the URL and
    decompresses it to a directory under /usr/local with the given name.

  • - Fetches the biobox.yaml arguments and then applies a
    given jq path. An example of fetching fastq paths is: 'select(has("fasta")) | .fasta | map(.value)'


Developing bioboxes using the bioboxes minimal base image requires creating a
executable script inside the image and setting the environment variable
BIOBOX_EXEC. This script will be executed by the script
after checking the biobox.yaml file is valid. The follow environment variables
will also be set and are recommended to be used:

  • INPUT The location of the biobox.yaml file mounted in the container.
  • OUTPUT The location of the output directory where generated files
    should be placed, including a new biobox.yaml describing the generated
  • METADATA A directory for storing logs and other metadata.
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