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Mozilla Sync-Server (
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Docker - Mozilla Sync Server

This is based on spiroids image!
Mozilla Sync server image for Docker, full documentation.


With docker-compose

For an easy test-startup you just have to:

  $ docker-compose up

Now you have locally a syncserver running.


If you want to run a sync-server in a more productive way, please prepare a mysql-server (like shown in the docker-compose.yml).

Configuring docker-container

It's possible to configure the docker-container by setting the following environment-variables at container-startup:

  • DB_URI, configures which database shall be used. This image only supports mysql-db. Given like "pymysql://".
  • IP, IP-Address on which the container will listen. Default is '', which should be good enough for most environments. Because it's a docker-container, you can also set the listening ip on host-side by setting port-forwarding on container-startup.
  • URL, full qualified URL under which your firefox will reach this syncserver. Default is 'http://localhost:5000', which should work for temporary local tests.
  • SECRET, a random string which will be used for creating "cryptographically-signed authentication tokens", for more information see documentation. Default is ''. For longterm installations you should really set this to something safe!

If you want to use your own settings.ini, you can mount the file as a docker-volume to the path /usr/local/share/config/syncserver.ini.


See LICENSE file.

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