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Official Docker repository for BirkhoffLee/AnonyPages on Github.
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<sup><i>Posting articles anonymously to Facebook Pages has never been so easy.</i></sup>


This project is no longer being maintained and if you are interested in improving it, I'll really appreciate it. If you want to, simply open your pull requests to the modifications and I will make you a collaborator. Thanks!


I strongly recommend deploying using Docker.

I usually run a website on Docker with jwilder/nginx-proxy, and I recommend you to use it too. So simply modify the configuration file, re-name it to and run the following commands to launch AnonyPages:

$ docker run -d -p 80:80 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock:ro jwilder/nginx-proxy
$ touch /path/to/blacklist.list
$ docker run -itd -P -v /path/to/ -v /path/to/blacklist.list:/var/www/AnonyPages-master/src/blacklist.list -e "VIRTUAL_HOST=DOMAIN_1(,DOMAIN_2,...)" birkhofflee/anonypages

For wildcard hosts please check this out:

The first post will fail to post due to an unknown bug in AnonyPages, please manually post the first post using the format as below:


For example, if your hashtag is apple, you will need to post this to your page manually:


Blocking A Facebook User

Open /addBlacklist/<YOUR_ADMIN_KEY>/<HASH>

Unblocking A Facebook User

Open /removeBlacklist/<YOUR_ADMIN_KEY>/<HASH>


Only one rule: Test before submitting a pull request.

Security Reports

Please contact



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