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Short Description
Dockerized Slackin, a Node.js app that enables Slack to be a community tool.
Full Description

Docker repo for jumpstarting with Slackin.

Quick Run Command

You can run the following command to get your Dockerized Slackin up and running, with some caveats (below):

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 -e SLACK_ORG=teamName -e SLACK_TOKEN=apiToken bitandbang/slackin

Docker Run Flags

  • --name is only needed when interacting, makes subsequent commands easier - Docs
  • -d runs in detach mode - Docs
  • -p is port mapping - Docs
  • -e sets an env variable - Docs


To get the Slackin app set up successfully, you will need to do the following modifications to the example command:

  • Replace teamName with the name of your Slack Team. For example, the name of slack team at would be nsmeetup
  • Replace apiToken with an Oauth Test Token generated by an admin user in the Slack Team. Generally, it's good to create an entirely new user for this purpose.
Docker Pull Command