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ChanChanApp Docker image
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ChanChanApp Docker image

The ChanChanApp is a demo
application showing howto publish in CKAN and MySQL context information
using Orion Context Broker. It also shows how to interact with IDAS to
create devices (sensores) and manage their data.

Image contents

  • [x] bitergia/ubuntu-trusty baseimage contents listed here
  • [x] Node.js
  • [x] ChanChanApp server
  • [x] ChanChanApp client


We strongly suggest you to use docker-compose. With docker compose you can define multiple containers in a single file, and link them easily.

So for this purpose, we have already a simple file that launches:

  • Orion
  • Authzforge
  • IDM KeyRock
  • PEP Wilma
  • Cygnus
  • IDAS

The file chanchan-new.yml can be downloaded from here.

Once you get it, you just have to:

docker-compose -f chanchan-new.yml up -d

And all the services will be up. You can test it accessing the ChanChanApp interface:


Note: as retrieving the <container-ip> can be a bit 'tricky', we've created a set of utilities and useful scripts for handling docker images. You can find them all here.

Stopping the container

docker stop sends SIGTERM to the init process, which is then supposed to stop all services. Unfortunately most init systems don't do this correctly within Docker since they're built for hardware shutdowns instead. This causes processes to be hard killed with SIGKILL, which doesn't give them a chance to correctly clean-up things.

To avoid this, we suggest to use the docker-stop script available in this repository. This script basically sends the SIGPWR signal to /sbin/init inside the container, triggering the shutdown process and allowing the running services to cleanly shutdown.

About SSH

SSH is enabled by default with a pre-generated insecure SSH key. As the image us based in bitergia/ubuntu-trusty image, it contains the same SSH privileges.
That means, for accessing the image through SSH, you will need the SSH insecure keys. Those keys are the following:

  • bitergia-docker - Available here
  • - Available here

Once the container is up, you can access the container easily by using our own docker-ssh script:

docker-ssh bitergia@<container-id>

Or you can just use the old-fashioned way to access a docker container:

ssh bitergia@<container-ip>

Container IP can be retrieved using the following command:

docker inspect -f "{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}" <container-id>

You can also use the get-container-ip script provided in this repository.

Using/generate your own SSH key

Information on how to do that can be found here.
Note that the information below is regarding the bitergia/chanchanapp baseimage. If you have already pulled or made a bitergia/chanchanapp image based in the bitergia/ubuntu-trusty image before applying the keys change, you will need to re-build both images again.

User feedback


All the information regarding the image generation is hosted publicly on Github.


If you find any issue with this image, feel free to contact us via Github issue tracking system.

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