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Ubuntu base image containing only essential components
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Image contents

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Upstart init system
  • SSH server
  • Default locale set to en_US.utf8
  • Fixes APT incompatibilities with Docker. See the following issue for more information
  • In-Container Upstart Fake Events. Needed for correct startup of other services. See script
  • Non root user bitergia with sudo privileges (needed for SSH access)
  • Extra utilities:
    • tree
    • less
    • nano
    • curl
    • tar
    • gzip
    • unzip
    • ncurses-base
    • ca-certificates


Create a container using bitergia/ubuntu-trusty image is as easy as doing:

docker run -d --name <container-name> bitergia/ubuntu-trusty

SSH Access

This image has been generated using pre-generated insecure SSH keys. Those keys are the following:

  • bitergia-docker - Available here
  • - Available here

Once retrieved, you can access the container through SSH by running:

ssh -i bitergia-docker bitergia@<container-ip>

In case you would like to use your own SSH keys, you will need to re-generate the image. Detailed information can be found at our Github repository.

Improving the docker experience

We've created a set of utilities and useful scripts for handling docker images. Those utilities are the following:

  • docker-stop Sends the SIGPWR signal to /sbin/init inside the container. We hardly encourage the usage of this script, as it allows the running services to cleanly shutdown avoiding issues.
  • docker-ssh Helps using ssh to log into a running container.
  • docker-scp Helps using scp to transfer files from/to a running container with a running ssh daemon.
  • get-container-ip Helper script to obtain the IP address of a running container.
  • get-docker-hosts Helper script to add the running containers to /etc/hosts or update the existing info.

All those utils and further documentation is available here.

User feedback


All the information regarding the image generation is hosted publicly on Github.


If you find any issue with this image, feel free to contact us via Github issue tracking system.

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