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emulates philips hue api to other home automation gateways. The Amazon echo now supports wemo and philip hue... great news if you own any of those devices!
My house is pretty heavily invested in the z-wave using the Vera as the gateway and thought it would be nice bridge the Amazon Echo to it.

Run (with docker)

docker build -t amazon-echo-ha-bridge .
docker run -ti --rm --net=host amazon-echo-ha-bridge


To run the pre-built jar using maven:

mvn spring-boot:run

It's somewhat hacked together for now, please excuse the hard coded values


The server defaults to running on port 8080. If you're already running a server (like openHAB) on 8080, edit server.port in src/main/resources/ to your desired port before building the jar. Alternately you can pass in a command line argument to override server.port.

To customize and build it yourself, build a new jar with maven:

mvn install

Then locate the jar and start the server with:

java -jar target/amazon-echo-bridge-0.X.Y.jar --upnp.config.address=192.168.1.Z

replace the --upnp.config.address value with the server ipv4 address.

Then configure by going to the /configurator.html url

If using openHAB, use URLs of the form:


or Register a device, via REST by binding some sort of on/off (vera style) url

POST http://host:8080/api/devices
"name" : "bedroom light",
"deviceType" : "switch",
  "onUrl" : "",
  "offUrl" : ""

After this Tell Alexa: "Alexa, discover my devices"

Then you can say "Alexa, Turn on the office light" or whatever name you have given your configured devices.

To view or remove devices that Alexa knows about, you can use the mobile app Menu / Settings / Connected Home

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