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bitmark-node is the easiest way for anyone to join the Bitmark network as a fully-validating peer.
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Bitmark Node


bitmark-node is the easiest way for anyone to join the Bitmark network as a fully-validating peer. You can create, verify, and mine Bitmark transactions. Contains the following programs:

  • bitmarkd: Main program
  • prooferd: Mine Bitmark blocks
  • bitmark-wallet: Pay for transactions (support bitcoin / litecoin)
  • bitmark-cli: Command line interface to Main program
  • bitmark-webui: A web user interface for basic control of bitmark-node


Bitmark provide two diffrent chains for the bitmarkd to join in. They are testing, bitmark.

In order to finish a transaction, you need to send bitcoin or litecoin to the proofing(mining) address of the bitcoin or litecoin which can be configured in the proofing block via web ui.

Please note that: there is a default value given in both chain. Please set your own value if you want to validate a transfer via you own addresses.

Here is a table to indicate what bitmark chain corresponds to which coin chain

Bitmark Bitcoin Litecoin
testing testnet testnet
bitmark livenet livenet


It is simple to install bitmark-node, just install Docker and pull docker image bitmark-node from docker hub.


After you successfully installed docker, type this command to pull bitmark-node image

$ docker pull bitmark/bitmark-node

When the container is first started up, it will generate required keys for you inside the container. A web server is run inside the container and is able to control bitmark services.


$ docker run -d --name bitmarkNode -p 9980:9980 \
-p 2136:2136 -p 2135:2135 -p 2130:2130 \

The options are:

  • Enviornments:
    • PUBLIC_IP: public address to announce
    • BTC_ADDR: bitcoin address for proofing
    • LTC_ADDR: litecoin address for proofing
  • Ports:
    • 2130 - Port of RPC server
    • 2135, 2136 - Port of peering
    • 9980 - Port of web server
  • Volume:
    • /.config/bitmark-node/bitmarkd/bitmark/data - chain data for bitmark
    • /.config/bitmark-node/bitmarkd/testing/data - chain data for testing

Docker Compose

In the folder, there is a docker-compose.yml file that gives you an example of how to configurate correctly to make bitmark-node up-and-run.

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