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Debian-based image for Apache Kafka
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This image provides a Kafka installation for clustering over Zookeeper. Zookeeper host is referenced as 'zookeeper'. So you need to add the zookeeper host with '--add-host zookeeper:<ip-of-your-zookeeper>'.

Best command to run this image is:
docker run --add-host zookeeper:<zookeeper-ip> --name=kafka -d -v /home/kafka/logs:/home/kafka/logs -e ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME=advertisedhostname -e ZOOKEEPER_HOST=zookeeper -e KAFKA_HOST=hostname -e KAFKA_REST_ID=kafkarestid -e BROKER_ID=0 -e DEFAULT_REPLICATION_FACTOR=1 -e NUM_PARTITIONS=1 -e JMX_PORT=9999 -p 9092:9092 -p 9999:9999 bitmuncher/kafka

Adjust the environment variables for your needs!

Make sure Zookeeper's IP is available from within the container!

Debian: Jessie
Kafka: Confluent 3.1.2

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