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XMRig miner in an Alpine Linux Docker image.
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XMRig miner in an Alpine Linux Docker image.

The goal of this project is to quickly enable you to mine Monero without the hassle of knowing how to install or secure your mining software.

Using an Alpine Linux container you get a very lightweight image ~4MB and the benefit of Alpine Linux's security model.
I have also configured this image to run the miner as a dedicated restricted user.

How to use

# docker run --restart unless-stopped --read-only -m 50M -c 512 bitnn/alpine-xmrig -o POOL01 -o POOL02 -u WALLET -p PASSWORD -k
# docker run --restart unless-stopped --read-only -m 50M -c 512 bitnn/alpine-xmrig -o -o -u 45CJVagd6WwQAQfAkS91EHiTyfVaJn12uM4Su8iz6S2SHZ3QthmFM9BSPHVZY388ASWx8G9Wbz4BA24RQZUpGczb35fnnJz -p x -k

Docker Arguments

--restart unless-stopped

If the miner crashes we want the docker service to restart it.


This image does not need rw access.
If there are bug/exploits in the pool/software you are a little more protected.

-m 50M

Restricts memory usage to 50MB.

-c 512

By default XMRig will use <= half of your cores.
Setting a relevant share count will protect you from a runaway process locking your system.

XMRig Arguments


All standard XMRig arguments are supported, using --help will list all of them.

# docker run bitnn/alpine-xmrig --help


When manually setting threads with -t you need to configure the correct CPU shares for docker.

IE if you have 4 cores each core is worth 256 ( 1024 / 4 ) and so to use 3 threads, CPU shares will need to be set to 756.

# docker run -c 756 bitnn/alpine-xmrig ... -t 3

Donations & Contact

XMR: 45CJVagd6WwQAQfAkS91EHiTyfVaJn12uM4Su8iz6S2SHZ3QthmFM9BSPHVZY388ASWx8G9Wbz4BA24RQZUpGczb35fnnJz
Bitmessage: BM-2cTMMrCkaG2m4r9ZYx7dAqRLY7zZN2nwUe

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