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BitShares 2 - Docker

This repository serves as an archive for instructions to build docker images for
BitShares 2 and corresponding tools.


If installing on EC2

sudo yum install -y docker
sudo service docker start
sudo usermod -a -G docker ec2-user
# logout and log back in to allow this to take effect)
docker info
git clone
cd bitshares-docker

Running a Full Node


This exposes port 9090 globally to get access to the P2P network.
If you want to expose the RPC port to you need to run:


Running a Delayed Node

./  ## Dependency for the delayed container

The delayed node will automatically interface with the trusted node on a private
network. The delayed node will expose port 8091 for RPC queries and bind to
localhost only.

Running a CLI wallet

./  ## Dependency for the delayed container

The CLI wallet will automatically interface with the trusted node on a private
network. The cli wallet will expose port 8092 for RPC queries and will bind to
localhost only.

Running the web wallet


This container basically only contains a nginx server that can be configured
from outside the container. The delivered data has to be stored in
web-wallet-data/www/ while the nginx configuration is located in
web-wallet-data/conf/. Providing the web wallet itself is task of the
container user. SSL configuration is left to the user as well.

All Containers


This image serves as a dependency for the other images. It contains an Ubuntu
distribution and has the bitshares 2 application sources and executables


Anybody interested in supporting the bitshares 2 network should run this image.
It opens a witness node and connects to the P2P network as full-node.


The delayed node is of particular interest for exchanges and 3rd party service
providers. If interfacing to his node's API, all information available will be
irreversible on the blockchain.


The CLI wallet connects to a trusted full node and offers an API to interact
with the blockchain (transfers, orders, etc..)


This image contains the web wallet and hosts it via nginx. In order to have a
SSL-secured connection, a new build with corresponding settings and certificats
is required.


This image contains a full Ubuntu distribution and required development tools to
build the web wallet.

Build Instructions

The Dockerfiles that build the container are provided in the build sub
directory. The corresponding script will build the containers.

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