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Short Description
Bit is a distributed and virtualized code component repository designed to be language agnostic.
Full Description

Bit: Write code once, use it anywhere.

Bit is a distributed code component manager.

Increase reusability: Designed for fast and easy extraction and reuse of code
components without creating duplications or publishing packages..

Simply and predictable: Bit uses features such as simple inline editing,
strict minor versioning and test based updating to make modifying and maintaining
is super simple.

Discoverable: Bit uses a functionality-based search and a simple yet smart
scoping mechanism to easily find and reuse components created by you or by others.

Getting started

Create a virtual set of reusable code components to be used as building blocks across your repositories and applications. To get started, check out the installation.instructions in the

Run remote scope with latest bit version:

docker run --rm --name bit -d -P --volume ~/.ssh/ bitteam/bit-docker

bit remote add ssh://root@localhost:<port>:/tmp/scope -g

developing bit and testing:

docker run --rm --name bit -d -P --volume <path to bit code>:/bit-bin --volume ~/.ssh/ --env 'DEVELOPMENT=true' bitteam/bit-docker

Get working port of docker container:

docker port bit 22

Then use port to add remote scope

Advance use of the container:

In the following commands you should replace container-id with bit (which is the name of the container)

Run bash on the container

docker exec -it <container-id> /bin/bash

Copy your own ssh key to the container

relevant in case when you are going to export a component which need to resolve the dependencies against private scopes in the hub

Copy your ssh key into the container (from outside bash)

docker cp ~/.ssh/id_rsa <container id>:/root/.ssh/

on the container bash:

bit config ssh_key_file /root/.ssh/id_rsa

Show bit logs on the container

tail -f /root/Library/Caches/Bit/logs/debug.log

Kill container

docker kill bit

Build image:

docker build . -t bit

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