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Short Description e-wallet with noVNC web frontend - bitcoin, ethereum and other digital currencies
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Jaxx - Your blockchain interface


To run the container, use something like the following:

docker run -d \
       -p 8280:8280 \
       -p 8239:8239 \
       -v /opt/jaxx:/config \
       -e VNC_PASSWD=mypassword \
       -e TZ=Europe/London \
       --name jaxx \


If you want to build this yourself. Clone the repository and then within the folder run:

docker build -t biwhite/jaxx .

This pulls down version 1.2.4 of Jaxx on an ubuntu base system.

Environment Variables

  • TZ = Set a timezone
  • VNC_PASSWD = Set a password for VNC. Otherwise no auth needed
  • WEB_PORT = Where to run the noVNC web based VNC viewer defaults to 8280
  • VNC_PORT = Where to run the VNC server defaults to 8239


  • /config - symlinked from /root/.config/Jaxx for persistent wallet configuration


  • 8280 web vnc frontend
  • 8239 vnc viewer access


Once up and running, connect via a web browser or VNC client and you should see the app running. You can then create, pair or restore any old wallets as necessary. Once you have wallets and if you have mapped a volume into /config the accounts will persist across container restarts.

Point your web browser at http://IP:WEB_PORT/vnc.html, or your vnc client at IP:VNC_PORT. If you set VNC_PASSWD, enter that when prompted.


If you find this container useful, please consider donating to any of the following:

Type Wallet address QR code
BTC Bitcoin 126cDdE9kAGBPsqmcHmrL9RjydE4UQ5js7 <img src="" width="85">)
ETH Ethereum 0xCBb46A29bc72b656d11C3c1Aa709899476d03cad <img src="" width="85">)
DASH XnacW7JvjjpkMDwhpqQTSPwUzA348EgV6g <img src="" width="85">)
ETC Ethereum Classic 0x46F78206Bd2D2B830c29E9Ac59B7384f323c2ec2 <img src="" width="85">)
REP 0x967F42F0D9a4A7310A0F2C105045E25E039720a9 <img src="" width="85">)
LTC Litecoin Lbdu8uQG7FCt8W4dNqvzZBSuqXoPTVUpef <img src="" width="85">)
ZCASH t1dQoztTLtp1jURs215EobA2CxczrrNUDga <img src="" width="85">)
RSK Testnet 0xb6fbe48A74471E65aAe1536e4f56677f12022790 <img src="" width="85">)


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