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Containerised daily claim and download script for Packt publishing
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Container for Packt daily download script

Upstream script available at

This container fires up an alpine linux docker running cron, scheduled to claim the daily free book, and download whatever's missing from your data folder once per night.


Build with:

docker build -t biwhite/packt .


Run with:

docker run -d --name packt --rm \
    -e \
    -e PACKTPASSWORD=xxxxxxxx \
    -v /opt/packt/config:/config \
    -v /opt/packt/data:/data \

Volumes and variables


  • /config, where we can find a configFile.cfg, where log is stored, where google auth details go
  • /data, where files are downloaded to


  • PACKTEMAIL, email address registered with Packt account
  • PACKTPASSWORD, password for Packt account

If variables are set, they overwrite what is already in config file at container startup.
If not set, config file will be left alone.

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