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A simple CLI tool to display relations between images stored in a private Docker registry as a set of trees.


Use the automated build image to fetch data from your private registry (API v1) and dump the layer structure:

docker run -e "REGISTRY_URL=" bjaglin/registree

Make sure you have the latest version via:

docker pull bjaglin/registree

Note that the tool is only compatible with the Registry API v1.


f9d45d2aff66074564f921cf56084d0b1de379f894aaecbfd57a3c8030e5fa39 [] 221.4 MB
ce7b1346ab1a3d1cfc66e2cb15594c740fc385f0c5457761e3658162d65142cb   [] 255.8 MB
2ea2a2f2ad2f0b4570d2557c506e8386deb3338d80ef4621b36dafcd54030708     [ssp:improvement_bid-request-dsl-call] 103.7 MB
f6848dac6979b1682bf797f842450c1bc2912b24651bae4497d12f2e112f3623     [algo:improvement_bid-request-dsl-call] 63.42 MB
ce98a4f8e6b59740d6bc82af2205c21435993135c5b5238c848177cc77ede6d8   [] 0 B
f91becfbabfc5fc71f4edf928b048536ccdfc258adb0c256ef9affaa69f5d1a8     [cassandra:1.2.18] 91.05 MB
46f23cc11fedc0d1334ac2ab91bb69ee3b2054736b77700a47cd9c4de992707d       [cassandra-migrations:feature_fixtures] 67.48 MB
40d90bff69b052395e2d8be8ef6aa9529601150f3a4ce6c6169a6ae4276359e0     [tracking:refactor_trackservice] 83.18 MB
1c966893d2a8e95d3b61e5f31680f73aa7752cda93ab6791473dc267bd64daea   [targeting:production_201506030921 targeting:production_2015007031600] 61.56 MB
6b533c0982305dcee7f1348b0afe969b7013fee82436146a7ca4d7d0b1349e1e   [front-tools:2.1.12 front-tools:master npm-builder:2.1.12] 467 MB

This is how you should interpret the output (DOT/graphviz transformation is not part of the tool) :

In this example, all images currently tagged in the repository inherit from the same base image (f9d45d2), which weights 221.4 MB (that includes the weigth of its potential ancestors not listed here), but does not have a tag in that repository (probably a base OS image coming from the central hub, but which was not pushed as such). ssp:improvement_bid-request-dsl-call and algo:improvement_bid-request-dsl-call closest common ancestor is ce7b134, and the respective weigths they bring-in on top of that image are 103.7 MB and 63.42 MB. targeting:production_201506030921 and targeting:production_2015007031600 are actually the same image, which has only f9d45d2 (and its potential ancestors ommited here) in common with all other tagged images in the repository.

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