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Xenial based docker environment with conda-forge packages
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SymPy code generation tutorial at SciPy 2017.

Rendered notebooks:

Run notebooks using binder

.. image::
:alt: Binder

Creating a conda environment from environment.yml

We have provided a file (called environment.yml) describing the
environment (named codegen17). If you have conda <>_
installed you can create this environment by executing::

conda env create -f environment.yml

when installation is complete you may acivate the environment by writing::

activate codegen17

or using bash::

$ source activate codegen17

next step is to start the jupyter notebook::

(codegen17)> cd notebooks
(codegen17)> jupyter notebook

a web interface should open in your browser (default address http://localhost:8888).

To exit the environment you write::


If you for some reason want to remove the environment you can do so by writing::

conda env remove --name codegen17

CI status

Below are the build status of the CI services set up to test the tutorial notebooks.

Travis CI (OS X / Python 3)

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   :alt: Travis status

AppVeyor (Windows)
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    :alt: AppVeyor status

CircleCI (Linux / Python 2)

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:alt: Circle CI status

Drone (Dockerized Ubuntu 16.04 / Python 3)
.. image::
:alt: Drone status

Docker Pull Command