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with php and composer
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Buildbot: build/test automation
Brian Warner <warner-buildbot @ lothar . com>
Dustin J. Mitchell

Buildbot is a continuous integration system designed to automate the
build/test cycle. By automatically rebuilding and testing the tree each time
something has changed, build problems are pinpointed quickly, before other
developers are inconvenienced by the failure. Features

  • Buildbot is easy to set up, but very extensible and customizable. It
    supports arbitrary build processes, and is not limited to common build
    processes for particular languages (e.g., autotools or ant)

  • Buildbot supports building and testing on a variety of platforms.
    Developers, who do not have the facilities to test their changes everywhere
    before committing, will know shortly afterwards whether they have broken the
    build or not.

  • Buildbot has minimal requirements for workers: using virtualenv, only a
    Python installation is required.

  • Workers can be run behind a NAT firewall and communicate with the master

  • Buildbot has a variety of status-reporting tools to get information about
    builds in front of developers in a timely manner.


This package contains only the Buildbot worker implementation. The buildbot
package contains the buildmaster as well as a complete set of documentation.

See for more information and for an online version of the
Buildbot documentation.

Docker Image:

Here are the list of configuration variable for the buildbot/buildbot-worker image

  • BUILDMASTER: the dns or IP address of the master to connect to
  • BUILDMASTER_PORT: the port of the worker protocol
  • WORKERNAME: the name of the worker as declared in the master configuration
  • WORKERPASS: the password of the worker as declared in the master configuration
  • WORKER_ENVIRONMENT_BLACKLIST: the worker environment variable to remove before starting the worker
    As the environment variables are accessible from the build, and displayed in the log, it is better to remove secret variables like $WORKERPASS
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