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PhantomJS and CasperJS


docker run -ti casperjs phantomjs --version
docker run -ti casperjs casperjs --version

Linking tests

With this image, you can link your test suite into the container:
    docker run -ti -v /home/user/mytestsuite:/opt/mytestsuite casperjs casperjs test /opt/mytestsuite

Any arguments can be provided to casperjs as well:
    docker run -ti -v /home/user/mytestsuite:/opt/mytestsuite casperjs casperjs test /opt/mytestsuite --verbose

Or you can provide a test runner script with your tests (this is how we use this docker container):

    Inside test:
        #!/usr/bin/env sh

        casperjs                                                                \
            --pre=common/buildUp.js                                             \
            --post=common/tearDown.js                                           \
            --includes=common/underscore.js,common/nomadize.js,common/helpers.js,common/constants.js,common/scenario.js \
            --log-level=debug                                                   \
            --ignore-ssl=yes                                                    \
            --ignore-ssl-errors=yes                                             \
            --ssl-protocol=any                                                  \
        test $@

    Running the container:
        docker run -ti -v /home/user/mytestsuite:/opt/mytestsuite ./opt/mytestsuite/test /opt/mytestsuite/testsuite --verbose
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