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docker run command

docker run -d \
           --restart="always" \
           --env MQTT_IP_ADDR=<IP-address to the MQTT broker> \
           --env MQTT_PORT_NO=<Port number of the MQTT broker> \
           --env OWSERVER_IP_ADDR=<IP-address of the 1-wire owserver> \
           --env OWSERVER_PORT_NO=<Port number of the owserver> \
           --privileged \
           --device /dev:/dev \
           --name <Global agent name> \
           --env DOCKER_CONTAINER_NAME=<Global agent name> \
           bkjeholt/mqtt-agent-onewire:<Docker image tag>

Environment variables

Environment variable Description Example
DOCKER_CONTAINER_NAME A unique container name for this instance preferable the same as used for the --name parameter DOCKER_CONTAINER_NAME="hic-agent-ow"
MQTT_IP_ADDR The IP-address to the MQTT broker MQTT_IP_ADDR=""
MQTT_PORT_NO Port number of the MQTT broker MQTT_PORT_NO=1883
OWSERVER_IP_ADDR The IP-address to the 1-wire controller "owserver" OWSERVER_IP_ADDR=""
OWSERVER_PORT_NO Port number of the owserver OWSERVER_PORT_NO=4304

Docker image

There are two variants of docker images on the .
One compilation for standard x86 based systems and one for RaspberryPi and probably other Arm-based systems as well.

Docker image tag

The tag consist of a couple of fields

Docker container name

Change log

Changes to 2.2

Docker Pull Command