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Base docker image to run a MariaDB database server in Centos 7, which can be linked to other containers.


Pull the latest version of the image from the docker index. This is the recommended method of installation as it is easier to update image in the future. These builds are performed by the Docker Trusted Build service.

    docker pull bkpandey/docker-mariadb-centos:latest

Alternately you can build the image yourself.
To create the image and tag is as latest bkpandey/docker-mariadb-centos:latest, execute the following command on the docker-mariadb-centos folder:

    git clone
    cd docker-mariadb-centos
    docker build -t bkpandey/docker-mariadb-centos:latest .

To run the image and bind to port 3306:

    docker run -d -p 3306:3306 bkpandey/docker-mariadb-centos

The first time that you run your container, a new user admin with all privileges
will be created in MariaDB with a random password. To get the password, check the logs
of the container by running:

    docker logs <CONTAINER_ID>

You will see an output like the following:

    You can now connect to Mariadb server using.

        mysql -uadmin -pDatuy0ej -h<host> -P<port>


In this case, Datuy0ej is the password assigned to the admin user. For host IP you can use following command to check

    docker inspect <CONTAINER_ID> | grep IPAddress

Please do not forget to change the above password as soon as possible!

Note 1:
By default MariaDB user 'root' has no password but only allows local connections.

Note 2:
If you don't know how to identify running <CONTAINER_ID> you can use following command.

    docker ps

Output something looks like this.

    CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                   COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                    NAMES
    ed58eb4b44a2        bkpandey/docker-mariadb-centos:latest   /   7 minutes ago       Up 7 minutes>3306/tcp   condescending_brattain

Where ed58eb4b44a2 is the <CONTAINER_ID>

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