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Docker for Plex Email
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Docker for Plex Email

This is the Dockerfile setup for plexEmail.

Building (optional)

To build the image locally:

git clone;
cd docker-plexemail;
docker build -t plex-email .


docker run -d -v /your_config_location:/config -v /your_plex_folder:/plex -p 80:80 --name plexEmail plex-email

Or you can replace plex-email with blackbarn/plex-email in your run command to use the pre-built image from docker hub.

docker run -d -v /your_config_location:/config -v /your_plex_folder:/plex -p 80:80 --name plexEmail blackbarn/plex-email

Change the port mapping to suit your needs, for example to have the web listen on 8080 simply use -p 8080:80 instead.


On first start up, it will create a default config.conf for plexEmail within your_config_location.
After this, set the following properties to configure plex and nginx:

plex_data_folder = '/plex'
web_folder = '/PlexEmail/web'

Be sure to modify the rest of this file to suit your needs.


Plex Email's script is triggered by a cron job. There is a default one that this will use and it will trigger every Sunday at 11PM.

If you wish to define your own, simply place a file called crontab in your config directory. Be sure to ensure you have a blank line at the end otherwise it is not a true cron file :)

For example:

* * * * * root /PlexEmail/scripts/ --config /config/config.conf

This will run the script every minute (not recommended). Ensure you specify the custom config directory as shown above.See PlexEmail for additional command line options, such as -t to run a test.


An example of a docker-compose.yml file:

  build: .
  container_name: plex_email
    - "8383:80"
    - "8383"
    - "80"
  restart: always
    - /opt/data/plexemail:/config
    - /opt/data/plex/config:/plex

Obviously your volume mapping will vary.

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