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Dockerized Atlassian Crucible
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Dockerized Atlassian Crucible

"Review code, discuss changes, share knowledge, and identify defects across SVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS, and Perforce." - [Source]

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Crucible 4.4.1 4.4.1, latest Dockerfile

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Make It Short


Just type and follow the manual installation procedure in your browser:

$ docker run -d -p 8060:8060 --name crucible blacklabelops/crucible

Point your browser to http://yourdockerhost:8060


  1. Start database server for Crucible.
  2. Start Crucible.
  3. Manual Crucible setup.

Firstly, start the database server for Crucible:

Note: Change Password!

$ docker run --name postgres_crucible -d \
    -e 'POSTGRES_DB=crucibledb' \
    -e 'POSTGRES_USER=crucibledb' \
    -e 'POSTGRES_PASSWORD=jellyfish' \

Secondly, start Crucible:

$ docker run -d --name crucible \
      --link postgres_crucible:postgres_crucible \
      -p 8060:8060 blacklabelops/crucible

Starts Crowd and links it to the postgresql instances. JDBC URL: jdbc:postgresql://postgres_crucible/crucibledb

Thirdly, configure your Crucible yourself and fill it with a test license.

Point your browser to http://yourdockerhost:8060

  1. Create and enter license information
  2. Fill out the rest of the installation procedure.
  3. Login to the application and enter the administration area.
  4. Go to System Settings -> Database
  5. Click Edit and fill out the form:
    • Type: PostgreSQL
    • Driver Location: Bundled
    • URL: jdbc:postgresql://postgres_crucible:5432/crucibledb
    • User Name: crucibledb
    • Password: jellyfish
    • Minimum Pool Connections: 5
    • Maximum Pool Connections: 20
    • Parameters:
  6. Press Test connectionand then Save & Migrate

Enjoy Crucible!


First install:

Vagrant is fabulous tool for pulling and spinning up virtual machines like docker with containers. I can configure my development and test environment and simply pull it online. And so can you! Install Vagrant and Virtualbox and spin it up. Change into the project folder and build the project on the spot!

$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
[vagrant@localhost ~]$ cd /vagrant
[vagrant@localhost ~]$ docker-compose up

Crucible will be available on http://localhost:8080 on the host machine.

Support & Feature Requests

Leave a message and ask questions on Hipchat: blacklabelops/hipchat


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