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Syslog demon inside Docker container. Attach and Log!
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Side-car container with running system logging demon.

This container can be attached to an arbitrary amount of containers as their log
demon. Useful for catching and collecting logs inside a docker-compose
composition without Docker.

Make It Short

This container enables system logging. Just type:

$ docker run -d \
    --name syslog \

Starts a rsyslog demon.

Now attach a different container and use logger:

$ docker run -it \
    --volumes-from syslog \
    blacklabelops/centos \
$ logger hello world
$ cat /var/log/messages

This will open a console inside another container, you can log and read the messages.

How it works

The Container exposes the logging socket /dev/log as a Docker volume. The statement --volumes-from syslog mounts
this volume and logs without having to run a syslog demon locally.


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