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Alpine Linux based Elasticsearch Docker Image
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Alpine Linux based Elasticsearch Docker Image

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Compare Image Sizes:

  • official elasticsearch = 206 MB - blacktop/elasticsearch = 123 MB

blacktop version is 83 MB smaller !


Image Tags

REPOSITORY               TAG                 SIZE
blacktop/elasticsearch   latest              123MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   6.0                 117MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   5.5                 123MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   5.4                 123MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   5.3                 123MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   x-pack              255MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   geoip               156MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   5.2                 150MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   5.1                 149MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   5.0                 148.4MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   2.4                 116MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   kopf                122MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   2.3                 139.1MB
blacktop/elasticsearch   1.7                 142.7MB

NOTE: tag x-pack is the same as tag latest, but includes the x-pack, the ingest-geoip and the ingest-user-agent* plugin.

  • tag geoip is the same as tag latest, but includes the ingest-geoip and the ingest-user-agent plugin.
  • tag kopf is the same as tag 2.4, but includes the kopf plugin.

Getting Started

$ docker run -d --name elastic -p 9200:9200 blacktop/elasticsearch


Known Issues :warning:

I have noticed when running the new 5.0+ version on a linux host you need to increase the memory map areas with the following command

sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144


Find a bug? Want more features? Find something missing in the documentation? Let me know! Please don't hesitate to file an issue


Heavily (if not entirely) influenced by
Production docs from




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MIT Copyright (c) 2016-2017 blacktop

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