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Control VirtualBox from inside a docker container
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VBoxManage/vmrun proxy to allow communication from within a VM to the hypervisor running the VM.

Getting Started (OSX)


Now run:

Start vm-proxy-server

$ brew install
$ vm-proxy-server

Show Help

$ docker run --rm --add-host=dockerhost:$(ipconfig getifaddr en0) blacktop/vbox --help
Oracle VM VirtualBox Command Line Management Interface Version 5.0.20
(C) 2005-2016 Oracle Corporation
All rights reserved.

  VBoxManage [flags]
  VBoxManage [command]

Available Commands:
  controlvm   Control VM
  debugvm     Introspection and guest debugging
  list        List all VMs
  showvminfo  Display VM info
  snapshot    Manage VirtualBox Snapshots
  startvm     Start VMs

      --config string   config file (default is $HOME/.VBoxManage.yaml)
  -v, --version         print version number and exit

Use "VBoxManage [command] --help" for more information about a command.

To list all VirtualBox VMs

$ docker run --rm --add-host=dockerhost:$(ipconfig getifaddr en0) blacktop/vbox list vms
"win-test_default_1456716033001_71487" {f11be617-b053-4a0f-b22c-59887290ec96}
"malice_dev" {cdb35dc9-31f6-469f-aebf-6f69830f7864}
"vagrant-golang-master_default_1458098432288_42734" {8bca67fa-03b9-45dd-9436-53f1877e1608}
"go-malice-test_default_1458098825435_9154" {208244e8-b320-41a8-b037-7127cbc9d09d}
"default" {6e94d53e-5f78-4366-9aa8-a5725ac6dbfb}


I will be releasing binaries of VBoxManage and vmrun soon.

Docker Images


$ docker pull blacktop/vbox


  • [ ] Add version check to debugvm calls
  • [ ] vmrun
  • [x] create homebrew installer for vm-proxy-server
  • [x] build small base images with VBoxManage in them
  • [ ] figure out filesystem translation for dropping PCAP or memory dumps so container can see them (using volumes?)
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