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Service for posting to a Jekyll blog via email

With a particular focus on posting images. Intended to run in a Docker container, exposing an HTTP endpoint for submitting emails to be processed. Integrates with your/a email account via procmail:

## set ADDR_EXT to "Bar" of ""
## postfix turns this into "bar", which breaks HMAC validation. :-(
ADDR_EXT=` formail -z -xTo: | sed -r -e 's#^.*\+(.*)@.*$#\1#g' `

## figure out who actually sent the message
SENDER = `formail -rtz -xTo:`

:0 w
| curl -s -f -H 'Content-Type: message/rfc822' --data-binary @- localhost:5000/email/$SENDER/$ADDR_EXT

Stores any image attachments in S3 and adds a new post to your Jekyll repository. References to the images are captured in the frontmatter.

example frontmatter

title: '<email Subject>'
date: '<email Date>'
layout: post
categories: blog
- photo
author: '<email From>'
- path: path/to/image/in/S3/bucket.jpg
    cameraMake: Apple
    cameraModel: iPhone 6
    cameraSWVer: '8.4'
    dateTimeOriginal: '2015-07-03T23:39:33'
    lensModel: iPhone 6 back camera 4.15mm f/2.2
      latitude: 42.347011111111115
      longitude: -71.09632222222221
      name: Bleachers, Riverway, Lansdowne Street, Boston MA, United States of America

See for configuration.

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