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Single-use Wraith Wrapper
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This container provides a wrapper around BBC-News' Wraith container and allows a check to be performed while passing in multiple args -- useful for things like kubernetes.

Output is sent to an S3 bucket which you can later download

docker copy the config into the container and reference it by the docker -w switch

You can optionally add an encrypted hash to pass as user login to sites that require basic authentication. It'll be of the format Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

You can get this by doing

curl -u user:password -v http://host

and looking for the Authorization header

You can optionally pass a Slack webhook and @user or #room to get notifications on failure (if you pass a webhook, you need to pass a user/room also)

You can optionally pass a tolerance value that will be replaced in the built in config (if you don't specify a threshold, it will assume 25%)

You can customize the slack bot notification by using

-i http://path/to/image (will replace the icon used in the slack notification)

-n NAME_OF_BOT (will replace the name of the bot)

Adjust the alert policy by using the -P switch with the values of either onchange or always
'onchange' will alert when the state changes from good to bad or vice versa.
'always' will alert every single time the check is run. This can cause a LOT of noise on slack so use with care.
The default, if not overriden, is 'onchange'. Any unrecognised value will suppress alerting entirely.


docker run blenderfox/su-wraith \
-a AWS_KEY \
-w "capture wraith-config.yaml" \
-o output-folder \
-C s3://s3-output-bucket \
-s 'src:' \
-d 'dest:' \
-p 'homepage: /' \
[ -h login-hash ] \
[ -x "https://slack-webhook" ] \
[ -X "slack @user or #room" ] \
[ -t 15 ]
[ -i http://path/to/icon/image ]
[ -p always | onchange ]
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