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:warning: NOTE: This project has been deprecated. It is outdated, and no
longer in use in any of our projects.

Docker Deploy Hook

The Docker Deploy Hook project is a simple docker image that runs a small go
server that listens on a specified, secret, endpoint and pulls and re-deploys
another docker container.

We use this at Blendle to auto deploy our docker service
when our CI calls this hook.


docker run -P -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -e ENDPOINT=/secret -e USERNAME=hubuser -e PASSWORD=hubpass -e "CMD=sleep 500" blendle/ddh

Environment (options)

The go script uses these environment variables as config:

ENV Default Description
PASSWORD Your dockerhub username when pulling an image
USERNAME Your dockerhub password when pulling an image
DOCKERSOCKET unix:///var/run/docker.sock The URI used to connect to the Docker host
ENDPOINT / The secret endpoint that triggers the deploy (CHANGE THIS!)
IMAGE ubuntu The image name to pull and re-create
CONTAINER_NAME ubuntu-test The name of the instance container to kill and start again
CMD The command to run inside the deployed container, can be empty
PASS_ENV PASS_ENV A space seperated list of environment variables to pass on to the newly created container
LINKS Links for the docker container, format is "container:alias" seperated by space
Docker Pull Command
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