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Answer Set Programming Modulo ‘Space-Time’ Prototype Implementation (for review purposes)
Full Description

We present ASP Modulo ‘Space-Time’, a novel declarative representational and computational framework to perform commonsense reasoning about regions with both spatial and temporal components. Supported are capabilities for mixed qualitative-quantitative reasoning, abduction, consistency checking, and inferring compositions of spacetime relations.

Pull the image:

docker pull blind/asp-m-st

Execute the image in shell mode:

docker run -ti blind/asp-m-st

Execute the "Spatial I" example:

./aspmst spatial1.lp 0

Execute the "Spatial II" example:

./aspmst spatial2.lp 0

Execute the "Compose" example:

./aspmst compose.lp 0

Execute the "Abduction" example:

./aspmst abduce.lp 0

Execute the "nogoods" example:

./aspmst nogoods.lp 0

Execute the qualification examples of randomly generated ST regions. Each example K has N objects, e.g. N=10 and K=1:

./aspmst rantest_10_1

..and N=40, K=5:

./aspmst rantest_40_5

Choose from N={10,20,30,40} and K=1..5

To view the example files use vim, e.g.

vim abduce.lp

Docker Pull Command