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HTTP Service which stubs RESTful APIs documented with Swagger 2.0.
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A webservice which creates web service stubs from Swagger 2.0 documentation.

Swaggerific's homepage gives details of how to use swaggerific.

Installation & execution

Use one of the methods below to get swaggerific listening somewhere, then ensure you have a DNS A record pointing there. If you're running in Multi service mode (default) then you'll also want a wildcard CNAME record pointing to your root domain too.


If you have docker set up this is the fastest way to get going.

# From the docker hub:
docker run -P blinkboxbooks/swaggerific

# Or build it yourself:
git clone
cd swaggerific
docker build -t swaggerific .
docker run -P swaggerific
  • You can include the flag -e SWAGGERIFIC_TLD_LEVEL=2 to specify a level for the top level host.
  • You can swap out -P for -p 5000:8080 to serve up swaggerific on port 8080.


git clone
cd swaggerific
gem install foreman
bundle install
foreman start -p 5000


git clone
cd swaggerific
heroku create
heroku domains:add
heroku domains:add '*'
heroku config:set SWAGGERIFIC_TLD_LEVEL=3
git push heroku master


Swaggerific can run in two modes. Single service mode will mock a single service using a specified swagger file; Multi service must sit behind a wildcard DNS entry and allows users to upload swagger files to stub.

By default the service runs in Multi service mode, but you can change this by setting the SWAGGERIFIC_SINGLE_SERVICE environment variable to the path of a swagger yaml file.

In Multi service mode swaggerific assumes you are running on a 3 component domain (eg. If you are pointing a different domain at swaggerific you can change this by setting the SWAGGERIFIC_TLD_LEVEL to a positive number, eg 4 for

Now ensure and * have CNAME DNS entries pointing to your heroku app.


So far this is really only the product of a night's furious "oh damn, this would be so useful". I track feature's I'd like to add with github issues. Test coverage and general code stink need some work too. If you feel like helping PRs are greatfully received!

Swaggerific (a): Having Swagger that exceeds the limit of 9000. Not commonly found.

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