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Docker SSH Agent
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Docker SSH Agent

How to use

0. Build

docker build -t blinkreaction/docker-ssh-agent:stable -f Dockerfile .

1. Run a long-lived container

docker run -d --name=ssh-agent blinkreaction/docker-ssh-agent:stable

2. Add your ssh keys

Run a temporary container with volume mounted from host that includes your SSH keys. SSH key id_rsa will be added to ssh-agent (you can replace id_rsa with your key name):

docker run --rm --volumes-from=ssh-agent -v ~/.ssh:/root/.ssh -it blinkreaction/docker-ssh-agent:stable ssh-add /root/.ssh/id_rsa

3. Delete all ssh keys from ssh-agent

Run a temporary container and delete all known keys from ssh-agent:

docker run --rm --volumes-from=ssh-agent -it blinkreaction/docker-ssh-agent:stable ssh-add -D

4. Add ssh-agent socket to other container:

Use two options for running your container:

    - ssh-agent
    - SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/.ssh-agent/socket

It works only for root user. ssh-agent socket is accessible only to the user which started this agent or for root user. So other users don't have access to /.ssh-agent/socket. If you have another user (for example docker) in your container, do next things:

  • install 'socat' utility in your container
  • make proxy-socket in your conatainer:
    sudo socat UNIX-LISTEN:~/.ssh/socket,fork UNIX-CONNECT:/.ssh-agent/socket &
  • change owner for this proxy-socket
    sudo chown $(id -u) ~/.ssh/socket
  • you need use different SSH_AUTH_SOCK for this user:
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