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Images with the latest PHP versions, meant for continuous integration (CI).
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PHP Images for CI

This is an example of how you compile software meant to be later part of a Docker image, but doing so outside of the image itself. This results in cleanly built images without unnecessary artifacts.

I use this container image(s) to test PHP scripts of mine.

  • 5.5:
  • 5.6:
  • 7.0:
  • 7.1:


  • The "official" images are bloated, and a butchery.
  • I strongly disliked that the usual third-party CI services take minutes until picking up jobs, and hence use my own CI/CD setup powered by Docker.
  • I want to show you a better way of building software out-of-Dockerfiles for containers.

How It's Done


Gitlab-CI (could be any other CI) reads the commands from the supplied
.gitlab-ci.yml file. That is, for every stage a new container is started
and lines '*script' are run one by one.

The default image is blitznote/debootstrap-amd64:16.04 (Ubuntu 16.04.1)
with gcc build-essentials.


It's, for the first stage build:

docker run -v $(pwd):/data -ti --rm \
  --tmpfs /tmp:exec,mode=1777 \

… when inside the container:

apt-get -q update
apt-get -y install gcc build-essentials xz-utils

cd /data

Stage test is a dummy.

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