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This Docker image is based on dockerfile/ubuntu-desktop to provide a GUI desktop for running the BLLIP parser's NLTK + X11/TK parsing shell. It starts up in CLI mode though for those who don't want the GUI.

The home for the BLLIP parser PyPi package bllipparser is:

Once you've started the Docker container with this image you should be able to just type in those commands without any further installation steps.

The home for this Dockerfile is:

The source for the BLLIP parser (including Python wrapper) used is from here:

I add Firefox and Lynx to the minimal desktop for web access and NumPy since some
NLTK features can use it.

Once you've installed Docker, starting me is just:

docker run -it --rm -p 5901:5901 bllip/bllip-parser-python

Note that the Docker Hub Registry means you don't even need a manual download step.

Then at the prompt you can start VNC if you want graphics:


That will prompt you for a password and start up the VNC server.

On a Mac an easy way to use the builtin VNC client is to open an OS X Terminal and type:

open vnc://

Or just enter the URL [[vnc://]] in the Safari location bar.

That ( is the default VirtualBox IP address. You can display it with this command:

boot2docker ip

When you're done using this application container, just exit from at the shell prompt:

[ root@4683cabf356e:~ ]$ exit

Docker greatly simplifies running Linux applications and works on most any platform including
Mac and Windows.

To run Docker on Mac or Windows, follow the instructions for installing boot2docker, which
is mostly just a few clicks to install deal, here:

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