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Blockbridge secure multi-tenant storage simulator
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See to install simulator, and for in-depth tutorials.

Blockbridge Storage Simulator

The Blockbridge simulator makes it easy to try Elastic Programmable
Storage (EPS) in a non-production environment. EPS provides secure
multi-tenant iSCSI block storage as a service. It implements hardware
agnostic thin-provisioning, snapshots, clones, automatic encryption,
secure erase, replication, quality of service, and a ton of other
features. Tenant management and data are securely isolated. Each tenant
can exercise complete control over storage operation and management with
APIs and tools that are powerful and simple to use.

Use Cases:

  • Secure Multi-tenant Storage for OpenStack
  • Storage As A Container for Docker
  • Storage As A Service / Self-Service for DevOps
  • Disaster Tolerance
  • High Performance Compute
  • IT Automation
  • Application / Customer Isolation
  • Simulate Performance and Failure Scenarios

More information

Please see for a one-command install for the Blockbridge storage container, and in-depth tutorials.

Please see for a quick start guide on getting the Blockbridge Storage simulator up and running, using command line tools, installing the Blockbridge volume plugin for Docker, and attaching devices to your host.

Please for in-depth reference of the Blockbridge volume plugin for Docker.

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